Friday we headed over to the beach and my husband automatically took the crosswalk onto it. I knew this meant he planned to walk up that beach—3 miles. That walk, adding the 1 mile we’ve already trudged getting there, is 4 miles—one way. I was not prepared—mentally. It makes a difference if I know in advance.
I don’t mind it as much as I did a few years back, when he walked me up in 90 degree temps. In those days my blood pressure was kicking my butt, and I’d always end up dehydrated.
It’s pretty cool for Florida right now, and the trek isn’t too bad, but even he suggested getting off the beach at a point to make better time getting home before it got dark.
That 8-miler is treacherous. My second toe on my left foot got sore on the very tip, and I couldn’t even put slippers on my feet for a few hours that night—Ouch!
My major work Friday was completing my writing assignment for this coming Thursday. I started rereading one of MY favorite romance writers yesterday, and I think it may be a problem. She’s an old-school-writer and although she’s still published because she’s sold alot of books, newer writing styles are not necessarily her thing. I still lover her though!
Saturday we walked our normal 4-miler, got home, next thing I knew we were at a local baazar near the Post Office my husband wanted to drop off some mail at. We spent quite a while walking around there, ran into a neighbor, finally got home and he left for a planned sporting event. I know I should have worked on that assignment, but I watched movies instead!
Want to make a comment: Checking my stats out, I was in a 1.5 pound range of weight (plus or minus a few ounces off 203 for 14 days from Dec 15 through Dec 30). I gritted my teeth most mornings when I got on HOM—I’d been getting some walking in, and felt I was doing pretty well—especially for the holidays.
Anyway, as is my custom anytime I’ve been on a weight-loss program, I look back at my stats and try to make sense of my progress.
So, even though I was doing pretty well those 14 days, sticking to my 1200 calories (except Christmas day—was more like 1800), and walking, I was miserably STUCK.
NOOM gives you a caloric number you are supposed to abide by, and that’s usually easy for me. But they also break it down into healthy food groupings ala GREEN (great), YELLOW (okay), and RED (limit). They do give caloric limits for them also.
Well looking back through my food stats, most days I was OVER in the RED calories. This is the kind of thing that will put your weight loss into a stall—even if you walk 15 miles a day.
I had started buying Good Thins Veggie Rice crackers to snack on. But I guess it’s become a GREEN light for me to OVERDO the snacking. Just another food I need to give up if I can’t be moderate eating it. It’s also a RED food calorically, which is driving my RED numbers up! 😦
I’m getting back to looking/watching those RED numbers more closely, and adding extra protein calories into my diet. 🙂
HOM has me back down to 199.2 this AM. Alas I’m dancing to its tune—doing the scale polka!


I’ve been “off” a couple of days—doing homework and short writing for the on-line course I’m taking. Yesterday the 2 assignments were given, one being a less than 200 word story based on a class character. I rushed it off in the AM and had it posted very early. Our writer/teacher said she liked it and went on to show how she would have said the same thing. Her’s is phenominal—mine okay. Anyway, it’s one of the reasons I’m taking this course as well as some others—I need to UP my game!
I spent 6-7 hours on our other class exercise, and need to finish it up before next Thursday. I saw one writer already had put hers up, and wow, she must be fantastic!
I finally broke 200 on Wednesday morning—then yesterday HOM said 200.4. HUH? Back to 199.6 today.
Not that I’m really complaining, I was stuck in that 202 pound forever!
HOM is just toying with me, like a cat with his mouse!


SAY IT—WRITE IT (3): 202.4
Yesterday I spent the day taking online training/workshop courses. I think even the best writers out there can learn something from a class.
My writing has improved from the days when I used to say “I can write a romance novel!”
Anyone can put a sentence together—right? My ideas are good, but, I’ve found that there’s more to it than just “John falls in love with Mary, and MUST have her!”
LOL! Believe me, I’ve read some published stuff that falls into that category—not much meat to it—er—you know what I mean!
Anyway, today is an off day, and we’re currently stuck in traffic behind a major accident. Hope your day is going better!
Somedays it just doesn’t pay to get up and weigh yourself. I’ll admit it, I didn’t do well calorically yesterday—and it wasn’t snacking! It wasn’t enough to be a major thing, but it certainly irked me. Enough said! Sticking my tongue out at HOM! 


So, yesterday was Sunday, and we went out, did the usual things we do (go to flea markets and walkabout)—no real work.
Later at home, I perused a website for an additional course or 2 to take regarding writing and online publishing (eBook). Then I signed on to the writing organization website I’m a member at.
They reduced my level of membership to “general” because I haven’t submitted a new finished writing work (can’t be a short story) in 2 or 3 years—not sure which.
I was notified in October, but life got in the way again, and we were prepping to leave for FL then. I can soon change this status, but it irks me to no end that I’ve been so bad about completing a book—especially when I have several others in the “halfway” status! MY BAD!
Yesterday I got onto HOM expecting something a little less, and got 202.6. I’ve been walking, watching my calories and eyeing that one-eyed demon every time I’m in the bathroom! HOM thinks I really care—okay, I do, but don’t say it too loudly. HOM‘s eye is getting brighter, and I think larger! It’s listening in!


I’m a ‘fledgling’ writer who began writing a contemporary romance novel in March 2015. I finished it December 2016. I only finished it because my husband was giving me a hard time about NOT finishing it, and that it’s a romance.
  1. It’s romance—which he doesn’t read.
  2. He reads things like Florida writers put out—which BTW I have nothing against. Everybody enjoys something different.
So, I did get it finished, and got a young lady who advertised online to spell-check and do what is mostly light editing on it. In the meantime, I joined a writing organization, took some courses, and learned alot more about writing than I knew when I wrote that first book.
So, my husband wants me to send the first one out to publishers now—even though I know it has a lot of different issues that should be corrected/rewritten before anyone professional gets it. IT CANNOT BE THE FIRST MANUSCRIPT A PUBLISHER RECEIVES FROM ME! THEY WON’T LOOK AT ANY MORE IF THEY THINK THAT’S WHAT MY WRITING IS LIKE!
So, after finishing that first book, I had another ‘related’ book I began writing. Then I got hooked on regency novels, and began writing 2 books (novellas) based on one storyline, from the views of the two different couples and their romances. Now here is where some of my writing educational courses came into fruition, there is a spy/mystery storyline threading through the two novellas. I was getting alot of the same “you never finish anything!” stuff again from Dave—he likes to see things get completed (and sent to a publisher), I guess. And here I am writing 2 books at one time, and not doing anything with the first one.
Now, I did get off track again—right before the 2 novellas it was the holiday season, and I got a great idea for a holiday contemporary romance! I had started it, got some crap again, and started the 2 novellas. But, I’d been coming back to the Christmas book so much I had written half the book. Then one thing Dave did give me a year ago was a new secondary character for my book, and I already had half an idea that I needed to beef up the storyline, which was originally something of a romantic comedy. This also has a backstory now, is at Chapter 18 and has 70,000 words as of this evening. (I’ll save tales of the rewrite on this for another day.) It’s a good story, has some humor, some sadness, character angst, and romance! I could have some additional singing of Christmas Carols, but then it would be overly long!
MY WRITING PLEDGE: I WILL have it finished by March. I promise myself!
As usual, the HOM and I are not seeing eye-to-beady-eye! HOM must be spying on me again! Well, too bad, HOM. I can walk away—and you can’t, so there!!!


SAY SO: 201.8
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! I’m wishing the world a happy and healthy year!
NOOM is a wonderful program—but my husband commented yesterday that like any weight loss program, it’s up to the individual.
I put most of my extra weight on in my late 40’s, when I started in to the ‘change’. I was a size 4 or 6 prior to that time. Getting married later (a month short of 41), my eating habits also changed drastically with my new married life.
Sometimes, with the stress of your life changing, and the other everyday stresses, you just don’t stop and say “Hey! What’s going on here?” Even my family doctor didn’t bring up the subject.
So the first time I started a diet at WW’s, I was 181 at my beginning weigh-in. I actually did quite well counting points and getting to my weekly meetings, and eventually got down to 149. Unfortunately, my husband wanted to try the Atkins Diet, I dropped WW and began prepping meals ala Atkins which we both found to be unsustainable for us. AND WHEN I SHOULD HAVE GONE BACK TO WW, but I didn’t—I gained back all my weight and then some!
I eventually went back to WW’s a couple of times—but I never could get motivated like I had been the first time, and instead I started to develop an aversion to “counting points”. And little by little I gained more weight!
I’m done wifh letting diets control my life. I can eat a regular cookie and I won’t explode, or UNDO all my hard work. NOOM psychology works!
The other positive is that I’ve finally started being active. I have bad feet. Walking is and has always been a “sore” subject between my husband and me! Dave can walk, in any shoe, 10 miles easily in as little as 3 hours. I have had to buy expensive walking shoes with arch and pronation support to walk 4 miles in 2 hours. What a mis-match you say? YEP!
I walk almost every day now, and once a week Dave’s pushing me to walk 8 miles. By the time I get back, I feel like an old lady. (HEY—I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN—I’ll be 64 in May!)
But I did a lot more walking yesterday than most people half my age!
I was lower yesterday (201.6). It’s just my way of losing—because I am losing. Yet it’s still difficult to see on HOM‘s smirking face. Whoa! It has a face—with one beady eye that makes or breaks my day! But I will survive HOM—I will!


It has been a long 2018. I didn’t accomplish publishing even one of my manuscrjpts—of course it didn’t have a chance since I didn’t attempt to! (You don’t have a chance to win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket!) Publishing and finishing 2 other incomplete works will be my focus this new year.
I’ve been a little down the past few days—feeling sick. Started with it on Friday on that long hike up the beach. Felt better, then Sunday I got that awful feeling again!
I’m beginning to think it’s the ‘time of year’. Hugs and kisses prevail, and people give you odd looks if you wave them off. A friend told me up front that she doesn’t hug/kiss due to the very fact that picking up germs is so easy, especially now.
I was at a museum Thursday and a lady in the bathroom thanked me for washing my hands. I understand this. I’ve been in many a bathroom where women come out and walk directly out the door, bypassing the soap and water provided! (I will agree with ‘bypassing’ if the sink is dirtier!) Anyway, I carry handwipes too.
The final day of 2018. I’m hoping that you have accomplished what you wanted or needed to do in 2018!
The 3rd week of October 2018  I finally had enough of gaining weight! I joined NOOM because I was finally ready. As of today, I’m 20 Lbs. lighter and 1/4 of the way to my goal of 140. 60 Lbs. to go! My pants and shorts are loose!
I woke up feeling slightly under the weather, and eyed HOM cautiously—knowing that I probably intend to celebrate the New Year! (I think HOM knows!) Don’t worry, my Cyclops, I plan to eat healthy today!